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Attorney Relations
David Woolley has been used as an expert witness, a balance between defense and plaintiff’s attorneys, in more than 40 court cases involving land surveying issues in the last 6 years. His skilled expertise is largely sought after in California, most notably by surveying, engineering and law firms. Our researching capabilities, presentation of complex material and attention to detail has assisted counsel in resolving each of the cases in which we are involved.

We are experienced in issues involving:

D. Woolley & Associates has the ability to assist, as an expert, in deposition preparation and evaluation. By working closely with attorneys prior to depositions, we assist in constructing relevant questions specifically for the opposing counsel’s experts. Our knowledge stems from professional experience in both deposition and court room testimony.

We offer mediation remedies to assist in selecting the most appropriate settlement option for various disputes.  David Woolley holds certification from UC Irvine in Mediation (alternative dispute resolution or ADR). This allows the most knowledgeable boundary person, the surveyor, to assist the parties in boundary resolution without costly litigation.  Mr. Woolley serves as a designated technical expert in disciplinary cases when contracted by the Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (BPELS) and instructs Ethics, Standard of Care and the understanding of the Business and Professions Code at a local community college, also conducting numerous seminars on the subject material. This experience and education is valuable for clients as well as attorneys.  D. Woolley & Associates currently employs an in-house attorney to advise us in any legal matters that we may encounter.

In California, Professional Land Surveyors are the only people licensed, privileged and authorized to delimit the extent of real property boundaries.This privilege is accompanied with equal parts of liability and responsibility. Most surveyors accept their legal responsibilities and act in benefit to the public, unfortunately, like any other profession, there are a few surveyors that choose to shirk their legal and ethical responsibilities. A negligent or incompetent surveyor, offering an unqualified or incorrect opinion, can cost a property owner hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary litigation. This liability accounts for most surveyors carrying Errors and Omissions (E & O) insurance policies ranging from $1M to $5M.

We are committed to providing professional service and keeping our clients well informed. If you need further assistance, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Member of the California Receivers Forum - LA/OC Chapter